The Truth Matters

Rolando  Zabala

The Truth Matters

By: Rolando Zabala

• Skeletons in their closets! • Lou for Governor! • Bully Directors, and Goodbye 8 Senators!

Lou Leon Guerrero for Governor- While some may say that it is too early for me to be writing about who should be Governor come 2018, I somehow just cannot help but express my humble opinion when it comes to matters that are of extreme importance as what the position of Governor is. Certainly if […]

• PDN circulating 20,000? • Do not circumvent the FOIA! • Wage increases – immoral! • On our Senators

The Freedom of Information Act or FOIA as it is commonly known, is one fantastic law that is meant to keep us duly informed. The spirit and intent of the law simply embodies the essence of a true and vibrant democracy while adhering and supporting the first amendment. As a media person, the first amendment […]

• Don’t want to pay taxes? • Democrat, Republican what’s the difference? • GMHA rate increases will be sky high • Guam politics copying Pinoy Politics!

A BIG, BIG thanks to Senator Mike San Nicolas for bringing to the public the uncollected taxes. My Good God, the amounts have reached millions of dollars. While the head of the Department of Revenue and Taxation is Director John Camacho, we must understand that his boss is actually the Governor who happens to also […]

• Does Guam want a free and vocal press? • Visa Waiver! • The whats and who’s of Tax Credits

In a recent discussion on one of my visits to call on potential advertisers for this paper, I was reminded and encouraged (I often hear kind and encouraging words for us to pursue the paper, not to stop, etc. ) This Chamorro lady who was educated in the mainland whose name I shall not mention, […]

• What does Coretech, Daily Post, Gov Calvo have in common? • Guam politics copying Pinoy Politics!

To those of us who have a pretty good idea on the nuances of Philippine Politics, I would like to ask you as to how one can describe Philippine politics, and for those who have no idea, Philippine politics is basically politics of patronage. The elections season starts off with goons, guns, and gold (mostly […]

• Seniors deserve better!!! • Onion skinned Governor?!? • Welcome Hafa Adai Bingo!!!

Welcome Hafa Adai Bingo – Before anything else, allow me to inform my kababayans and fellow Guamanians, the BEST BINGO EXPERIENCE IS NOW IN TOWN- The Hafa Adai Bingo at the Greyhound Park, Tamuning, open daily with great prizes. See it for yourself. To my fellow seniors, do drop by, mag kita-kita tayo dun!!! ***** […]

>Retroactive Wage Increases >Delicadeza is dead

W _ _ , is this retroactive wage increases we had seen and been pulled off right under our noses?! For those (I would imagine just a few Guamanians are not aware of this) who have no idea on what I am talking about, where have you guys been? I have been very vocal in […]

USCIS what the hell??? Attn: Field Office Director, Stephen P. Green

What the F is going on in this beloved country of ours the US of A? The GOP current leader in the ongoing primary intramurals, billionaire businessman Trump is overemphasizing on his gigantic motherhood statements on how he will deal with the trade imbalance between China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, etc; and of course most […]