NRG Renew Completes Guam’s First On-Island Solar Facility

Finally, Guam is moving towards green energy as NRG Renew LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc. in conjunction with the Guam Power Authority (GPA), that the Dandan Solar Project, a 25.6-megawatt (MW) solar project on the island of Guam, is now online. As the largest solar facility on the island, with more than 120,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, this project integrates solar into the existing on-island grid and provides about 10 percent of the grid load in renewable energy.

“We are proud to bring our expertise in building utility-scale solar projects to Guam in order to help the territory be less dependent on imported fuel,” said Hazen Burford, Senior Vice President with NRG Renew. “We believe the environmental and economic benefits of this project will be an example in the region and pave the way for similar projects in the future.”

Construction of Dandan began in March 2014, bringing together the expertise of NRG Renew, GPA, Quantum Guam Power, Inc. and Guam Solar Properties, LLC, while locally creating 300 jobs over the past 19 months. Additionally, approximately 10,000 homes will benefit from the renewable energy created by the project. The project operated at full production under test energy conditions and reached COD at the end of September.

Renewable power generated by the facility is sold to the Guam Power Authority through two 25-year Power Purchase Agreements. Clean, renewable energy from the facility avoids the emission of nearly 40,000 metric tons of carbon annually, the equivalent to removing 8,400 cars from the road. In total, the project will offset the consumption of almost two million barrels of residual fuel oil and diesel, minimizing Guam’s carbon footprint and reliance on imported fuel.

“GPA and NRG Renew will be the largest provider of utility scale alternative renewable solar energy to our customers,” stated Joseph “Joey” Duenas, Chairman, Consolidated Commission on Utilities, GPA. “This project further diversifies our energy resources here on Guam, helps us meet our renewable energy goals and provides a cleaner source of energy for our island.”

Dandan joins a robust roster of international utility-scale and distributed solar projects in NRG’s portfolio that benefit from the abundant sunlight found in their tropical locations, including St. Croix, Haiti, and a microgrid installation in progress on Necker Island.

NRG is the country’s largest independent power producer.