Fighting for a Cause and More

Pat Duque

Fighting for a Cause and More

By: Pat Duque

Terrorism: Victims Will be Vindicated

These Islamic terrorists are always active! On and off. And Pres Obama is going to a accept more than a 100,000 Middle Eastern Muslim refugees to US. We don’t know them no matter how well we screen them. There will always be infiltrators. Remember that Jesus had just 13 disciples and He didn’t know that […]

Guam Must Develop Efficient & Modern Hospital

Question: “What are the similarities between Guam Memorial Hospital and a ‘white elephant’?” Answer: “Both are white, bloated, and big, and very expensive to maintain.” My mind wanders to an incident that I personally experienced more than two years ago. Place: Emergency Room (ER), Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH). My blood pressure shot up to 220/120. […]

One’s Narrow Perception

Published last week in my column was: Dealing with Uncle Sam Leaves Guam Few Options. Here is a flashback of the latter part of it: “If Uncle pays the $150,000 we’ll purchase his friends one-way airline tickets to stay at his house instead. Oh, they’ll be a lot happier there than here. And if our […]

Dealing with Uncle Sam Leaves Few Options

More than two decades ago, the US signed the Compact Impact agreement with other islands in the Pacific like Saipan, Chuck, Yap, Marshalls, etc. It stipulates that the inhabitants of these islands could migrate and live in more developed islands like Guam and US mainland in return for the US’ use of their islands primarily […]

Medicare Law a Disservice to Seniors

The Medicare problem is one of the three most important things to resolve in 2006, though it should have been done years ago for the health and lives of Social Security (SS) members. Here’s a vivid story of a 65-year-old lady whose husband died last year. She’s an SS retiree and is now living alone. […]

“Crab Mentality”

I’d like to react to an article alleging that the “Crab Mentality” of Filipinos is preventing them from uniting and failing to have elected representatives in Guam. As I usually mentioned in my earlier articles, this alleged “crab mentality” is not considerably a factor in non-election of Fil-Ams in spite of the fact they represent […]

“Sabotage” Law

Note: Lifted from the author’s book “Fighting for a Cause …and More” Six hundred dollars ($600) round-trip airfare from Guam to the U.S. Wow! Yes, most of us will go. I foresee everyone in Guam rejoicing. This could have been real if not for an unwelcome culprit—Mr. Cabotage Law. It’s a “sabotage” law that works […]

How Pinoys Vote? Can Fil-Am Voters Decide an Election?

As election draws near, political analysts ask whether the Fil-Am Community is a sleeping or an awakening giant block of voters. Seldom do you see them in political rallies or pocket meetings; they prefer watching TV, barbecuing at home ,hanging out with friends, or working overtime. These observations are some I mentioned on radio talk […]