Encouraging response

This paper is now on its sixth (6th) issue. At the onset, we were telling ourselves that we should get some idea by the fourth (4th) issue on how the community will receive us. Numerous questions had beset us, earlier among which are, how will the community respond to our style of presenting the news which some say is on the hard-hitting side. We would often ask ourselves if we should instead just tone things down and simply churn out run-of-the-mil stories, the contents of which would be based mostly on the concerned government office press releases and for us to not bother to go the so called extra mile, delve deeper and ask the hard questions.

If we constantly write stories that may appear to be critical on the powers that be, we might be looked at as the paper of the Democrat party. So many other considerations and questions, the answers to some of these questions, only time will tell.

The powers that be have taken offense on this newspaper. Even before our launching, we have been telling everyone that we would want to be considered as the alternative paper for which there should and must be an alternative paper in the community and those who disagree that there should be one that can write about other angles preferably in an extensive manner should have their heads checked.

Unfortunately, there are those that do not want our blunt and candid style. Those persons opposing us and engaged in underground black propaganda are those that the good Guamanians should watch out for, and as far as we know, the Good Guamanians are the majority in the island that comprise at least 99.5% of the population. There is in fact a shortlist we have already compiled of those both in government holding political office and in private business, and we hope that eventually the community will be informed accordingly as to who these persons are, their shady and greedy corrupt practices should be exposed and denounced. Regardless of who is concerned whether it is the gods at Adelup, regardless of what their political party affiliation should not matter for this newspaper. It is the silent majority in the community, the 99.5% that matters. We will eventually owe our existence to them.

Our distribution to the different government and private offices has confirmed to us that we are welcome and looked forward to be read.

With your indulgence, allow us to share some of the most commonly heard comments we get: “Junction, this is the paper I like to read”, “Junction I have been waiting for you the whole week, why only now”, “we need a paper like this”, “ keep up the good work”, “ it’s about time”, “ let’s have coffee once, you need to write about ……..” , and many other encouraging remarks.

Truth to tell, given our lean staff and meager resources, we are far from satisfied on the content we come out with. We believe that given a little more liberal resources we can do a much better job which is to write more extensively in detail on the issues that need to be exposed and written about.

To our detractors, feel free to denounce and criticize us, as you have the media and other avenues at your full disposal. In fact as early as the second week’s issue of this paper, some forces have already engaged in overdrive black ops against us. We have this information from good authority, which would now explain the lukewarm response of major advertisers, and on numerous occasions having our marketing guys listen to some marketing executives of major advertisers ludicrous cacophony of discourse.

Given this obvious lack of resources to effectively come out with a paper, the first order of business for the paper is to convert to a being non-profit. Another concern is how we can print double or triple our printing volume. A suggestion is for us to come out on a monthly basis but with definitely more extensive stories and an increased printing and circulation volume. You can just imagine what 15,000 copies (honest to goodness printed and given out for free) strategically spread throughout the island can do. This idea is seriously being considered.

Whatever avenue we take from hereon, we will let you, our valuable readers, know.

We are now on the conclusion based on our earlier inquiring editorials on whether or not Guam is ready for an alternative paper.

Yes, indeed. Guam is ready. The 99.5% silent (for now) majority is what matters. We have faith and we believe that majority of the Guamanians truly like and adhere to honest, efficient and corrupt(less) governance where the essence of equal opportunities in employment, commerce, and industry can be appreciated and available to all based on meritocracy, talent, and ability. The operative words should be what you know and not whom you know, regardless of whether or not one has substantial contacts in politics and government or none at all, as they say the sunshine should be spread and not just confined to a few greedy corrupt dirty politicians and their business cronies.