CCU Gives Incentives for Energy-Saving Appliances

GPA Customers purchasing energy efficient appliances starting December 1st can apply for cash rebates with the submittal of completed application(s) for qualified appliance models from local vendors. Energy Sense is the name of the program approved by Public Utilities Commission and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities that provides for direct cash incentives for qualified energy efficient air conditioners, washers and dryers.

“Residential customers seeking to purchase new air conditioners, washer and dryers are encouraged to participate in this rebate program” stated Mercy A.F. Castro, Utility Service Administrator, “Ask your appliance vendor if they have available energy efficient models that qualify for our Energy Sense Rebate; if the model is qualified, the vendor should be able to fill out the application for you.”

Completed applications must be submitted to GPA Customer Services within 120 days for processing of the application for the cash rebate. If the qualified appliance does not replace an existing unqualified model appliance; no certification of disposal is required. If the qualified model appliance does replace an existing unqualified model appliance, then certification from a licensed recycler or from Guam Solid Waste Authority is needed to accompany the application for processing

“Energy Sense is a great program for our residential customers to use qualified energy efficient air conditioners, washers and dryers to help reduce their monthly power usage,” remarked Castro, “Residential customers will be receiving a mailer within the post boxes this week to learn more about the program; customers can also give GPA Customer Services a call at 647-57/8/9 for more information as well.”