BASTA Guam: A Filipino group, a Filipino Family


Turn over of donation to Guam Diabetes Association (Aug. 23)

Pretty faces, polite, hospitable, warm, helpful and family oriented. These are just few of the basic traits, or perhaps the true nature, of Filipino people. You experience this when you travel to the Philippines. You just can’t help but smile on the kind of people they are.

The taste of Sinaing na Tulingan, a tuna fish braised in a clay-pot with bilimbi or “kamias” still lingers. And the all-time favorite Bulalo, beef shanks boiled until the fat and bone marrow has melted to perfection is definitely unforgettable. Plus many more other dishes that speaks of how rich the culture is. The festivity indeed never stops. Everywhere you go is just fascinating. They are one happy bunch!

Here on Guam, there is a group called BASTA, which is composed of interesting individuals who are all Filipinos. They are the ones who will further enhance what you already know now about the Philippines, how they are, their culture etc.

A New Home Away From Home
BASTA is a non-profit organization founded by Rey Gonzales, Marcy Manipol and Ronnie Saludo on July 16, 1977. The organization name stands for Batangas and Southern Tagalog Association. It is a Filipino Guam-based organization, that came a long way to bring simply the best of what Filipino people can offer. It’s amazing how these people found everybody to form a new home, to foster a closer relationship with their free-spirited “Kababayans” living in Guam who are originally natives from the provinces of Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Mindoro, Palawan, Cavite, Marinduque, and parts of Rizal.

The forming of this group basically stems from the fact that Filipinos are generally people person. They are in constant search for people with the same interests or anything in common with them. They always want to be around people so meet ups or get together delights them. Not to mention that this is somehow their way of coping with homesickness, of being away from their country, their roots. This serves as an avenue for them to get in touch with how they do things back at home and belonging in an organization similar to BASTA somehow makes them feel that they are indeed “at home.”


Turn over of donation to Harvest House Aug. 23

The Young and Ageless: 38th Year of BASTA and Counting
BASTA is a group of good natured individuals who grouped together to socialize; celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones in the lives of its members. Just one big family. But they go more than that. They make sure they involve themselves in worthwhile social activities that help the community where they live in. They do fund raising like the recent one they did for a Diabetes organization and they also help solidify relations between that of Guam and the Philippines.

BASTA Guam has just recently celebrated their 38th year as an organization. It is amazing how the Ageless men and women of BASTA contributed to just about any noble cause outside their own territory to help others and extend their helpful hands to their friendlies such as the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Japan Earthquake charity, and just recently, the Guam Diabetes Association and Harvest House where a donation turnover was held last August 23, 2015, under the leadership of its current President Marie Manalo Cummings. What is more amazing is how these people share their blessings naturally.

Family-oriented and fun-loving Filipino character paved way in putting up, BASTA youth group composed of children and relatives of the BASTA pioneering members. It instantly gave the Ageless the energy of the youth to produce programs such as song and dance, talent programs, and concerts.

BASTA and The New Days
So you could just imagine how fun it is to be with them! Once you meet them, you will have the best time of your life. It would make you think that if only there were more free spirited people across the world, this place will definitely be a better place to live in. May there be more organizations like BASTA.

BASTA can be reached via their official FB account: BASTA Guam.