Asians to become largest immigrant group in U.S. by 2055

MOSCOW – Asians will become the largest immigrant group in the United States, replacing Hispanics, in approximately 40 years, the Pew Research Center reported Monday.

“Asian immigrants are projected to make up a larger share of all immigrants. Becoming the largest immigrant group by 2055 and making up 38 percent of the foreign-born population by 2065,” the survey said.

The percentage of the Hispanic immigrant population in the country is predicted to decline due to increasingly strict border control as well as demographic changes in neighboring Mexico as more young people are expected to remain in their homeland, the report said.

Currently, 47 percent of United States immigrants are Hispanic and 26 percent are Asian, according to the research center.

The United States has the largest number of immigrants of any country, according to UN estimates.
According to the Pew research, the total U.S. population has grown over the past 50 years from 193 million people to 324 million. Immigrants make up about 72 million of the total, or 55 percent of the increase./PNA/Sputnik