Terrorism: Victims Will be Vindicated

These Islamic terrorists are always active! On and off.

And Pres Obama is going to a accept more than a 100,000 Middle Eastern Muslim refugees to US. We don’t know them no matter how well we screen them. There will always be infiltrators.

Remember that Jesus had just 13 disciples and He didn’t know that one of them was Judas. With this number as a basis (by ratio and proportion estimation), there’ll be a potential 7,692 Judases to pass through Guam!

Our leaders should refuse this proposal.

Here is an article lifted from my book written 13 years ago. You will notice that this applies now and I dedicate this as a lesson for these terrorists. The day of reckoning always come.


Last night I dreamt. Finally, the day of judgment came.

Osama bin Laden and his associate Omar, the Taliban leader, earlier met Allah. While waiting for Allah, those destined for hell were put in cauldrons of boiling oil. The greater their crimes, the more they’re submerged. I saw Stalin standing in one cauldron where the boiling oil was just up to his neck; Hitler was up to his mustache. But to my surprise, Osama was just up to his ankles only!

I confronted Allah, “How come this mass-murderer’s punishment is so light?”

Allah: “Osama is stepping on the head of Omar…” Allah added, “whenever Omar tires, Osama sinks!”

Osama: “Allah, what’s that choir singing beautifully? A welcome concert for Omar and me?”

Allah: “These are souls of the 3,000 victims you murdered on 9/11.”

Osama: “I’m very sorry. These romantic songs instead haunt and chill us to the bones. I thought suicide and murder are part of your teachings.”

Allah: “It’s a serious sin to take one’s or anybody’s life; no exception. Now, here’s my judgment.

Osama: “Please, make it light.”

Allah: “I’ll construct a twin tower. On top one tower, I’ll hang you upside-down, and Omar will be on the other. Every minute, planes manned by your suicidal pilots will hit you and Omar. It’ll go repeatedly for a thousand years.”

Osama (shaking): “That’s heavy punishment. Omar and I couldn’t withstand a minute!”

Allah: “As to your wealth, it’ll go to your victims.” Adding, “Why do you target Americans? Can’t you see that they’re still giving aid to your impoverished countrymen.”

Osama: “Allah, frankly, I love America – it’s swinging and extravagant lifestyles. That’s why my families, including my wife, once resided in the US. I was surprised the Americans didn’t harm them. (Sobbing). We just hate US foreign policy. US government supports the Jews, who in turn kill million Israelites but gains the hatred of 100 million Arabs and a billion partisan Muslims worldwide.”

Allah: “I understand. Earlier, I had a talk with Jesus Christ to convey our important message to US leaders not to play the role of a god in this Palestine – Israeli conflict. This role is reserved for me and Jesus. This conflict had been going on for a thousand of years, even before Jesus and Mohammed were born. US should change its foreign policy of arrogance and dominance and should leave this matter to the UN to space American resources and lives. Billions of dollar sugar-coated as aid to buy loyalties are bleeding the US economy while many US states and territories are in great need.”

Allah warns, “With reduced presence of US forces, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are tempted to destabilize the region.”

“A new world order is shaping up!”

Osama: “Oh Allah, forgive us!”

Allah: “After a thousand years in hell, I’ll send you back to earth reincarnated.”

Osama and Omar (excited at last): “Thank you, Allah. We’ll be back someday to meet our fanatic comrades, marry four wives, produce a lot of children, and sow terror again!,” as the heavenly choir was singing at the background.

Allah: “Yes! You can do anything you like. Sky is the limit…”

Smiling, He added, “I shall reincarnate both of you as castrated sheep!”


Dessert for Thought:
Any form of writing also follows the law of physics: For any action, there is an opposite & equal reaction. But in real world, the reactions/fallout could be more.


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