Mayors Making $100,000+ Yearly

If you think your mayor’s $75,000 a year salary is exorbitant, then think again, because village mayors are making more than that.

The highest paid mayor so far is Johnny Quinata of Umatac making $106,062.00 a year in total ($75,000 in salary plus $31,062 in benefits). Umatac has the least population among the 19 villages with a total population of 887 (year 2000 census).

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares receives $103,328.00 in total ($75,000 in salary plus $28,328.00 in benefits). Dededo is the most populated village with a total population of 42,980 as of year 2000 census.

Four mayors are making $76,760.50 annually ($75,000 in salary plus $1,760.50 in benefits): Carol Tayama of Agat, Nonito Blas of Mangilao, Ernest Chargualaf of Merizo, and Ernesto Gumataotao of Piti.

Mangilao ranks fourth in terms of population (13,313) but its mayor is among the least paid. The Vice Mayor Allan Ungacta is making more at $89,957 in total yearly. He is so Mangilao is so far the only village whose vice mayor makes more than the mayor.

Vice Mayors Jessie Bautista (Barrigada) Agustin Quintanilla (Agat) are is so far the highest-paid vice mayors making $94,137.00 a year.

Dededo Vice Mayor Andre Peter Benavente is the least paid with $69,659 per annum salary with benefits.

It appears that Dededo Mayor and Vice Mayor are the least paid among all village leaders vis-à-vis population.

Mayors got a 62% raise while vice mayors got a 60% raise at the controversial Public Law 32-208. Senator Michael San Nicolas in his recent bill 204-33 (COR) wants to revert the salary levels of Mayors and Vice Mayors to $46,062 and 42,264 annually respectively. The bill was co-authored by Speaker Judith Won Pat, Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz, and Senators Nerissa Underwood and Thomas Ada. (See related story)/The Junction News Team