Junction’s 2015 Year-end Award Nominees

Public Hearing of the Year – Public Hearing for Bill No. 204-33 on the salaries
of elected and appointed officials
Balimbing Senator of the Year– Senator Dennis Rodriguez
Banned Newspaper at Adelup (etc) of the Year– The Junction Newspaper
Moralist Senator of the Year– Senator B.J. Cruz
Sleek & S Senator of the Year– Senator Frank Aguon
Hot blogger on leave of the year – Romeo Carlos
Insurance company of the year – Take Care Insurance
Government Insurance company provider of the year – Calvo Insurance
Grandstanding Senators of the Year – Senators Tony Ada and Brant
Most Promising and Achiever Senator of the Year – Senator Mike San Nicolas
Most loved and Popular Senator of the Year – Senator Mike San Nicolas
Media Buyout of the Year – Marianas Variety
Hardworking Former Governor of the Year – Carl T. Gutierrez
Hard Hitting, No-holds-barred Columnist of the Year – Rolly Zabala of
Junction Newspaper
Contentious Legal Decision of the Year– Same sex marriage
Up & coming Developer of the Year– Former Governor Felix Camacho
Most Silent Attorney of the Year– Attorney General Elizabeth Barret Anderson
Scandal of the Year– Too many too mention
Most Courteous and Friendliest Stewards(ess) of the Year– PAL stewards(ess)
Holiday of the Year – Black Friday
Suggested Alternative Name for the Island of Guam for the Year – Pacific
Island of Calvo (PIOC)
Most Awaited Airline of the Year– Cebu Pacific
Outstanding Pinoy of the Year – Emelio Uy of National Office Supply
Outstanding Pinay of the Year – Nita Baldovino, FCG President
Future FCG President of the Year – Shelly Calvo
Most Envied Lawyer of the Year – Eduardo “Champ” Calvo
Most Envied CNMI Official of the Year – Joe Lifoifoi
Most “generous” Airline to a Select Few of the Year – United Airlines
Department Head Public Servant of the Year – Benito Servino (DISID)
Most Controversial & Free Newspaper of the Year – Junction Newspaper
Recycler Conservationist of the Year – Paul Tobiason
Onion-Skinned Official of the Year – Gov. Eddie B. Calvo
Little Puzzle of the Year – Veteran’s Cemetery $3.2-M contract
Most Burglarized Government Office of the Year– Veterans Affairs Office
Vacation of the Year – 1-year Jail Sentence of Francisco Santos
Bank of the Year – Bank of Guam
Outstanding Government Office (Achiever) of the Year – Guam Visitors
Bureau (GVB)
Used Car Dealer of the Year– Carmony at Hagatna
Brand New Car Dealer of the Year– Atkins Kroll (Toyota)
Discreet and Not-so discreet Meet ups of the Year– Craigslist
Monopoly of the Year– United Airlines
Free Monthly Magazine of the Year– Island Tribune
Discreet Male seniors 24-hour Pastime Activity of the Year – Massage Parlors
Marriage of the Year– Same sex
Korean-owned Pseudo/cum Pinoy Radio Station of the Year– 101.9 Mega
Immigration Lawyer of the Year – Attorney Mark Kondas
Rumored Media Acquisition of the Year – Sorensen Media
Rumored Contenders for Governor of the Year – Lou Leon Guerrero, Frank
Blas, Dennis Rodriguez
Prayed-for Elected Governor of the Year for 2018 – Lou Leon Guerrero
Easy-money of the Year– Bingo games operators
Bullies of the Year – Department heads during the public hearing on salary
Heavyweight Bingo Operator of the Year– Hafa Adai Bingo
Justice of the Year– Justice Robert Torres
Big Deal of the Year – Core Tech’s and Eddie B. Calvo’s Tiyan Campus
Tax Cheat of the Year – Francisco Santos
Government Official Master in Circumventing FOIA requests of the Year
John Camacho of Rev & Tax
Governor Wannabee for 2018 of the Year – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio
Silence of the Year – Legislature on the Tiyan Campus deal
Fund Raising Venue of the Year– Seafood Chef Restaurant
Long-shot Governor for 2018 of the Year – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio
Tax-Cheat-Supporting Senators of the Year– Senators James Espaldon and Tina Muna-Barnes
Top Government Earner of the Year– Dr. Tuan Nguyen of the GMHA
Pinoy Resto of the Year – Ben & Yan
Offshore Hospital of the Year – St. Luke’s Hospital
“Colorum” Taxis of the Year – Mikki taxi
Number 1 Family Breaker of the Year– Over speeding drivers
Highest Paid Mayor and with the Least Population of the Year – Umatac
Mayor Johnny Quinata
Foreign Visitors of the Year – Japanese (arigatoo gozaimasu)
Political Gimmick for the Pinoy Voters of the Year– Visa Waiver
5-star Hotel of the Year – Dusit Thani
Wasted Branding of the Year – Marianas Variety
Most Disappointing Airline of the Year– United Airlines
Most Fragmented Ethnic Group on Guam of the Year– Pinoys
Most Aspired Jobs of the Year– Special Assistants of Governor Eddie B. Calvo
Thankless Jobs of the Year– Cops and Firefighters (we salute you guys)
Frustrated Careers of the Year– Some media practitioners
Expectation of the Year – Bases build-up
Mobile and Wifi Provider of the Year – Docomo Pacific
R and R of the year – Solaire Resort and Casino
Adjuster of the Year – PDN
Contractor of the Year and of the Years to Come – Core Tech
Hospital of the Year– GMHA
Chamorro Delicacy of the Year– Kellaguen
Most Self-serving Statement of the Year – “We deserve our pay increases”
Pride of the Year – Matao
Speed Reducers of the Year– Village roads’ potholes
Energy Saver of the Year– Power outages
Cop out of the Year – “Off island”
Supermarket of the Year– American Grocery
Most Envied Private and Government Contract of the Year– Gov. Calvo with
Core Tech on the Tiyan Campus Purchase
Lopsided Contract of the Year – Gov. Calvo with Core Tech on the Tiyan
Campus Purchase
Best Beach of the Year – Ritidian Point
Best Sandwich Joint of the Year – Mc Krauts at Inarajan
Best-kept Un-talked-about Open Secret of the Year– Calvo’s Tax credits
Most promising Republican Senator of the Year– Mary Camacho Torres
Lottery of the Year– GHURA’s lottery for Section 8
Tax Refunds Saver of the Year– Section 30 funds
Nightmare Presidential Candidate of the Year – Donald Trump
Trustworthy US Presidential candidate of the Year– Hillary Clinton
Delay of the Year– Tax refunds
Most-imagined Promising Careers of the Year (for a few Pinoys) – Influence peddling
Most Disappointing Former Governor of the Year– Felix Camacho
Guam Godfather of the Year – Ho S. Eun of Core Tech
Low Key International Godfather of the Year – Willie Tan of Tan Holdings
Future Political Kingmaker of the Year– Governor Eddie B. Calvo
Unnecessary Government Expense of the Year – Bottled water