Hiatus for the People’s Paper

As earlier announced in our previous editorial, several options are being considered for the continuity of this newspaper.

Among the considerations are, whether we come out on a bi-monthly or monthly basis but with a definite increase in circulation. This is after all the essence of a newspaper publication which is to develop the widest possible reach and circulation.

We are thankful that we have a lean and highly competitive set-up and given our current printing level of 5,000 copies at 16 pages, once we take out the not so essential contents of the paper, certainly 16 pages can take on quite a number of substantive stories and quite extensively at that given our limited resources.

We figure that at printing level of 10,000 copies or beyond (verifiable and easily provable, unlike other un-provable claims), this will certainly come a long way. If distributed the right way which is directly to the readers that matter most which are those that are part of the working class and hopefully voters at that, this paper’s lofty ideals would have done its part which is principally to let the public know what needs to be known. Should these ideals come to pass, it would be a mission accomplished for us.

Plans are afoot during this hiatus which will include a modest fund raising activity (we enjoin you to support our humble fund raising and formal launching luncheon), work on grant(s) as we are now a registered non-profit, secure other forms of financial assistance (unconditional at that), all this in the pursuit of an independent and free press; and from hereon we would like to be known as the People’s Paper.

In all of this, transparency in our operations from the business to the editorial side will be on top of the list, for how can one run a credible media outfit if the owners or persons running the outfit have their fingers dipped into politics and engaged in highly questionable and blatantly illegal business transactions with government? It just cannot be done. We will neither be a paper for the Democrats or the Republicans, but will instead be The People’s Paper.

Unfortunately, we cannot just allow a few of those who are in power to subdue us through whatever machinations we have seen they are capable of. While they may have the means and the power to do so, that power is not absolute nor is it infinite. As far as we are concerned, our principal mission is to write about government transactions; expose inept, corrupt officials (in government and their private counterparts) and their highly questionable transactions that need to be brought before the bar of public opinion. This is so that when the day of reckoning comes (election day), we are optimistic that a substantive percentage of the voters would have already been well informed. After all only the wicked would want a mis or un-informed electorate.

While in the process of bringing to you reports, expect that this paper will denounce in the strongest possible terms those we believe that need to be denounced, as we have previously said we will not mince our words. We will call a spade a spade.

As we have asked in a previous editorial “who among us wants evil to triumph,” lest we forget the words of Edmund Burke- “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” To the Guamanians, the silent majority of which we believe truly love and care for the island, the hardworking decent tax paying, God loving Guamanians, stand up and be counted. Let’s all do our part for a better Guam.

Our promise then- to keep you informed to the best of our abilities on the issues that are hidden that the crooks and their minions don’t want you to know about!

The 8th issue of this paper will be out on December 6, 2015. Watch for it.