Guam Free Press Foundation, Inc.

This paper is now published by the Guam Free Press Foundation Inc., a non-profit corporation. Our main focus now is to be able to be able to develop a truly independent newspaper, the people’s newspaper.

While some may wonder if there is or is not a truly independent newspaper in the Island, as far as we see it, there certainly is not a single independent English newspaper and therefore there must be one.

The founding fathers and constitutionalists of great America who made sure to enshrine the first amendment knew then the undisputable importance of the first amendment. To not have an independent and free press that is free to write without fear that they would loose advertising revenue or fear that the paper would not be patronized by the moneyed advertisers is simply the antithesis to a free, just and vibrant democracy. It would just breed corruption and other forms of abuses.

Fortunately for us Guamanians, the last time we checked Guam adheres and is still in a democracy.

Ask yourselves the following: Are you satisfied and content with the information you hear or read in the news? Are they factual or could the news be sanitized and filtered, leaving out the hard and cold facts? The lack of factual news is tantamount to misinformation.

As humble and lowly taxpayers, ask yourselves if you are content with the performance of the current officials you entrusted your votes too. Ask yourselves too how much you care for Guam, and do remember the immortal words of Edmund Burke “for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Among our lofty aspirations is to come up with an advertising-free paper (we will of course accept advertising as long as it is unconditional). Coming up with such, can there only and truly be an independent newspaper, for whether we like it or not, there now is a high cost to know the truth and unfortunately, the masses or the common man is not in a position to finance such, and should a newspaper naively think that it can count on advertising revenue to come out with what needs to be published, should not be in the newspaper business. It is often a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

We urge our readers, our silent supporters to do their part in helping us realize our vision for an independent newspaper. No mater how small your help or assistance may be (information you send, etc), once taken collectively, will certainly come a long way.

You, the tax payers are not beholden to the officials you elected. They (elected officials) are the ones who are beholden to you.

Help this paper to be among the instruments as a candid and truthful information provider. Let us all help ourselves, for good governance will translate to a better Guam, and a righteously governed Guam would translate to a better future for us all.

As we go through this joyous merriment season, let us be reminded of those who have less in life and how we can share whatever we can with them, as that is the essence of the season we are celebrating.

We wish all our readers and supporters a Merry Christmas, as we leave you the following we had taken to heart: “Freedom of the press, or to be more precise, the benefit of freedom of the press, belongs to everyone – to the citizen as well as the publisher. The crux is not the publisher’s ‘freedom to print,’ it is, rather, the citizen’s ‘right to know.” Arthur Sulzburger – 1990 – American newspaper publisher.

In parting, acknowledgments are in order as we express our deep gratitude to Ms. Lou Leon Guerrero, President of the Bank of Guam for her valuable assistance and support. Mr. Emelio Uy, FCG Chairman and owner of National Office Supply, a few old time members of the local media and a former active blogger whose names and/or gender we cannot mention (you know who you are), our numerous informers (be patient with the information you provide as we are highly undermanned as information needs verification). Most of all, to our valuable readers, silent and not so silent supporters.

THANK YOU ALL! Mabuhay po kayo! Si Yu’us ma’ase!!!