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• PDN giving out free copies • Audit for fund raising BINGO operations

While I am no longer a member of the Pangasinanse Bingo-HA!HA!HA! organization, I am compelled to comment on that organization out of my honest and sincere desire for whoever is the supposedly beneficiary organization of the Bingo games, that is after all the essence of the Bingo games being conducted which is to raise funds […]

• Filipinos have the numbers • Guam must welcome a casino • Hafa Adai Bingo- let’s see

Hafa Adai Bingo- let’s see- I got a call late evening of Thursday from our publisher, requesting me to attend the opening of the Hafa Adai Bingo the following day, Friday. Being the gentleman that I am, how can I say no? I will let you know at my next column how things turn out, […]

>Undeliverable Address >Governor snubs Junction’s request

What really is the thing with this undeliverable mail addresses in the island? I come from a third world country like the Philippines, but one thing you can be sure of is that this “undeliverable mail addresses” is practically unheard of. You can bet your last dollar that the mail person will sooner or later […]

I just love free enterprise and deregulation!!!

How much do you usually pay for a one way Guam to Manila flight via United Airlines or PAL? I would say it could be anywhere from a low of $250 to a high of $400. This for a three-and-a-half hour flight. How much would one have to pay for a Manila to Saipan flight […]