Bordallo: Agreement Reached to Avoid a Government Shutdown

With the passage of H.R. 719, FY 2016 Continuing Resolution, which maintains government funding at its current rate through December 11, 2015, Guam Delegate Madeleine Bordallo on Sept 30th released the following statement.

“I am pleased that Congressional leaders reached an agreement to prevent a shutdown of the federal government, and provided a clean continuing resolution that does not hold the federal government hostage to political disagreements. While the agreement merely delays tackling these issues until December, it does ensure that federal employees are able to report to work and that government operations remain open tomorrow.

“I am, however, disappointed that we continue to not address the broader budget challenges that face our nation. The continuing resolution does not give our agencies, both defense and non-defense, the direction that they need to plan for the long-term. Although the continuing resolution keeps our government open, it also defers bigger and tougher decisions for another political fight on the budget in December. We need to make the difficult decisions that we were elected to make. We need to find a way to eliminate sequestration by making targeted cuts to certain programs while investing in others that build our economy, keep us safe, provide assistance to needy families and create jobs for the American people. I hope that Congressional leaders are able to work with President Obama on a long-term budget agreement that is agreeable to both Democrats and Republicans and will avoid political brinkmanship before the holidays.”