Blame the brown snake

The Manila Electric Company recently announced that it will reduce its overall rates for its residential customers by 13 centavos per kilowatt hour. That’s six straight months that Meralco’s overall rates have declined.

It’s a welcome news for Meralco customers.

Guam Power Authority customers face a contrast reality.

There’s an imminent increase of power rates.

Two power plants, the Cabras 3 and 4, in Piti were severely damaged as an explosion ripped off the roof shielding the two power plants.

It was reported that the damage caused by the outburst and fire could be at $100 million. The agency says it could go as high as $150 million.

The two power plants were constructed two decades ago. The power agency spent $300 million in building these plants.

Although it has not been independently examined, GPA has stated that one of the power plants might have been extremely damaged and could no longer be repaired.

It would mean that it could cost the agency about $200-$250 million to replace the un-repairable power plant.

We should expect that the cost will be passed on to the consumers.

GPA doesn’t need to lay the predicate. Historical pattern has it.

But before the power agency asks for a power rate increase, it should first conduct an in-depth, rigorous investigation to determine the cause of the explosion. And take action against those responsible for this unbearable situation.

No whitewash.

No script.

Just the facts.

And, hopefully the power agency would not blame the brown snake. The public would no longer bite this excuse. It has been overused.

* * *

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