Andersen AFB Implements ‘Trusted Traveler’ Program

Andersen AFB

On October 1, Andersen Air Force Base started implementing a revised base access procedures for visitors.

The revised procedure, referred to by the Department of Defense as “Trusted Traveler,” “authorizes registered vehicle drivers/operators who present a valid DOD ID card to vouch for all occupants of their vehicle when entering the base.”

In its news release contained in its website, it says that Trusted Travelers will not be permitted to vouch for visitors in another vehicle, nor will Trusted Traveler apply to personnel entering the base by means other than a vehicle.

The trusted travelers will no longer be required to proceed to the Visitor Control Center and obtain visitor passes for guest visits of 48 hours or less. However, the Trusted Travelers will be held responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.

The following ID cardholders are authorized to be Trusted Travelers: · uniformed service member or federal government employee with a valid common access card; military retiree with a valid DOD ID card; and dependent older than 16 years old with a valid DOD ID card.

Trusted Traveler will only be authorized from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, according to the news release. “All visitors are reminded to have a valid photo ID with them at all times since 100 percent ID checks may be conducted at any time in accordance with random anti-terrorism and force protection measures.”

Contractors and vendors may not act as Trusted Travelers, according to the announcement.

Those who have questions in relation to this policy are requested to call Andersen AFB Public Affairs Office at 366-2228./The Junction News Team