• Skeletons in their closets! • Lou for Governor! • Bully Directors, and Goodbye 8 Senators!

Lou Leon Guerrero for Governor- While some may say that it is too early for me to be writing about who should be Governor come 2018, I somehow just cannot help but express my humble opinion when it comes to matters that are of extreme importance as what the position of Governor is.

Certainly if Madam Lou runs, she is more than qualified to be governor of Guam. She brings with her a wealth of experience both in the private and government sectors. Her integrity is unquestionable and her word of honor, well it should also be unquestionable.

Having said this, should the presumptive Lt. Governor be matched up or whoever may be the de facto (underground) Calvo backed candidate will not stand a chance for one Lou Leon Guerrero.

There certainly is hope for Guam. But of course things will be much better for the island if the next members of the legislature come from the Democrat Party.
We are thankful for your unconditional support Madam Lou. Biba Guam, Biba Guamanians!!!


Goodbye 8 Senators!- The way I see it, there will be an opening for 8 new senatorial slots that will be elected this coming 2016. I need not explain in detail why I say this, but I refer to these 8 Senators as no other than Senators Rory Respicio (Democrat), Dennis Rodriguez (Democrat), Tina Muna-Barnes (Democrat), James Espaldon (Republican), Frank Blas (Republican), V. Anthony Ada (Republican), Brant McCreadie (Republican), Thomas Morrison (Republican). While mine is not wishful thinking that these 8 Senators that I had just mentioned will no longer be re-elected, mine is simply common sense based on my faith on the level of understanding and discernment of the Guamanian voters. We the voters had clearly seen the true colors of these 8 Senators when they voted to retain the patently illegal and immoral retroactive (selective) salary increases, and I believe that no amount of good PR and damage control can redeem any of them as what is done is done and they now have to bear the consequences of a disgusted public. Perhaps some of them are thinking that since election is still a year away, the voters by then would have forgotten. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!, I doubt that!!! They had shown their true and real colors, for which in the Philippines their kinds are referred to as TRAPOS (translation meaning Rugs). And what should the voters do with rugs once sullied and dirty is simply to dispose off and not vote for.

As for the seven (7) Senators who opted to take the high moral ground and vote to repeal the immoral and patently illegal retroactive (selective) salary increases, the following are – Senators Mike San Nicolas (Democrat), Judith Won Pat (Democrat), BJ Cruz (Democrat), Thomas Ada (Democrat), Frank Aguon (Democrat), Nerissa Underwood (Democrat), and Mary Torres (Republican). Their re-election is more than re-assured. MABUHAY PO KAYONG PITO AT MAKA-AASA KAYO SA AMING SUPORTA HIGIT SA AMING MAKAKAYA!!!


Bully Directors! – Never in my life even at the sometimes chaotic legislative style in the Philippines have I witnessed such arrogance and bullying from so many department heads, their assistants and lackeys. What do I mean? When these Department heads who can just skip office hours at their whims and caprices chose to occupy all the available seats during the public hearing on the salary increases and they chose to shop up as early as 3.30 PM for a public hearing scheduled at 5.30 PM and occupy 99% of available seats. Some of them were even unruly/boisterous/disrespectful at the public hearing. What the &*^%$#@ was their agenda and intent, if not to bully the Senators and to marginalize the opposition? This shebang would actually not have been possible without the kind connivance of Senator Rory Respicio, the head of the ethics and rules committee whom I understand, much earlier in anticipation the office of Senator Nicolas had already requested that the allocation of seats be accorded to the public equitably among the pro-bill and those against it. Unfortunately, Sen. Respicio was not up to being equitable. And I thought most of them were educated people, only for me to confirm otherwise. One truly is not considered educated by the college degree(s) one has or doesn’t have, but instead can be seen in instances and situations just cited as in the public hearing. Contrary to what they were thinking which would be to show support to the law and to show support to the unintended or is it intended guest the Governor, these department heads had just proven and shown to the Guamanians that they are the bullies that as they are in power. Damned if any of the humble and simple Guamanians dare go against them. Not content with occupying all the seats, they even dispensed with self-serving ludicrous litanies that had taken up to 80% of the time for the whole hearing. No wonder the Calvo-Tenorio administration is mediocre or should I say way-way below par. Just look at the kind of bully department heads around, add to this a grandstanding Senator Anthony Ada who just had to show how disrespectful he can be to the committee chair. And to make things worse, the unintended guest the Governor, for a while lost his cool. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Skeletons in their closets!- For how long can skeletons be kept in their closets? For how long can this circumvention of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Guam Sunshine Law be circumvented by these guilty as hell corrupt officials??? In the Philippines and other parts of the world, the powers that be would want to stay in power for as long as they can so that whatever SHIT they had caused will not come to fore or at least should there be a transition, their partners in crime should be entrenched in the next administration. Much as that is the ideal scenario for the countless crooks that abound. We all know, that usually is not the case and when a new administration comes in, at times no matter how good their supposed to be calculated moves are, turn haywire. And if and when the day comes, the Feds and other law enforcement/prosecutorial agencies may just start coming around.

Which now brings me to the obvious proposition that whoever is in power would do everything to stay in power through his dummy and lackey. Knowing this, the 2016 Senatorial elections is truly critical for whoever will get lucky by 2018. At least Guam has hope by 2018 should the right Governor come into office!!!


To those not afraid to read about an independent and free press reporting style who supported our humble fund raising luncheon held this day (Dec 6, 2015) at the Sea Food Chef, many many BIG THANKS. Si Yu’us Ma’ase and Mabuhay!!! You can count on us to write news on matters without fear or favor. To the members of the local media who have been very helpful in extending to us their advice and wise counsel (Ms. MC, Ms. GR, Mr. RC), I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to us working together. No more discreet and incognito meet-ups.

‘Till my next column which will be around a month from now.
I wish all of this paper’s readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a JOYOUS NEW YEAR ahead.