• PDN giving out free copies • Audit for fund raising BINGO operations

While I am no longer a member of the Pangasinanse Bingo-HA!HA!HA! organization, I am compelled to comment on that organization out of my honest and sincere desire for whoever is the supposedly beneficiary organization of the Bingo games, that is after all the essence of the Bingo games being conducted which is to raise funds for the beneficiary organization(s).

As I understand, around 90% or more of the players are my fellow senior citizens. Of course most of us seniors are merely relying on our hard earned and well deserved pensions to allow us our much needed entertainment and a chance to be lucky and take home a little something through Bingo. A lot of my fellow seniors whom I believe are not as naïve as some others have told me that they hope that the intended beneficiaries are getting their due share of the proceeds of the Bingo games.

If you will recall, some years back the Pacific Daily News (PDN) had featured the Pangasinanse organization Bingo games in a headline story on the issue of some kind of missing funds or un-accountable funds to the tune of a cool 7M (seven big big big ones, huge ney!!!). I now wonder what had happened with that issue and I can only hope and pray that the concerned leaders of that organization are not taking the players, their fellow members and beneficiaries for a ride. Hay naku, ang buhay nga naman. Tumatabo ka na nga, di ka pa nakuntento at gusto mo pa ng drum drum.

At any rate, I am a firm believer in the law of Karma and I thank the Almighty God for having given me quite a good health at my age (never mind my age), but one thing I am certain is that sooner or later, good or bad Karma will come into the picture, assuming it has not yet.


By the way, with the new trend of the Bingo games nowadays wherein a lot of the new technology is being used, I somehow am not comfortable with this new and modern system. Truth to tell, I still prefer the good old fashioned hard copy cards. As some of you might not be aware of, in the Philippine elections where they use this computerized PCOS machines, there has already been proven studies of high-tech voters manipulation. Imagine if they can manipulate voters ballots, you tell me what else can they manipulate, in fact hackers are everywhere and these hackers are capable of hacking even highly secured soft and hardware. In fact, I will do more research on the subject in terms of who is/are in charge of regulating the Bingo gambling games and of course the high tech gadgets involved. I am simply very much concerned with the hard-earned money being spent by my fellow seniors. Pinag-pawisan po natin ang ating mga pensyon, papayagan na lang ba natin na maloko tayo ng teknolohiya?!? And of course, with the supposed to be beneficiaries, how sure are we that the beneficiary organization(s) is not being short changed, are the necessary safety measures (transparent at that) in place? Just asking!


The PDN is now distributing FREE complimentary copies at the GCIC Bldg. This is great news. I hope the PDN is also being given out for free at other buildings and/or public places. In fact, I hope that the PDN will follow this paper and becomes a free paper instead. I happened to drop by the GCIC Bldg early morning of Monday and I saw copies of the PDN neatly rolled inside plastic bags left right out the doors of the numerous offices in our floor. Immediately, I told myself GREAT, now I no longer have to drop by the Kings Restaurant or some other restaurant. Keep up the good work, PDN. You guys should seriously consider becoming a free paper. ADIOS!