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Hafa Adai Bingo- let’s see- I got a call late evening of Thursday from our publisher, requesting me to attend the opening of the Hafa Adai Bingo the following day, Friday. Being the gentleman that I am, how can I say no? I will let you know at my next column how things turn out, if the Hafa Adai Bingo is as good or as great as they say it will be. At this point, what I can say to my fellow seniors is, let us be open to change. If the Hafa Adai Bingo is a better deal, then let’s go for it. Perhaps it is time for the other Bingo to take a much needed break.


Filipinos have the numbers- While the elections is quite far, however, the topic and discussion on the elections is always quite a hot one. The who are going to run, can he or she raise the needed funds, how much funds do they have at the moment, what are their chances of making it, etcetera, etcetera.

It seems that most people I talk to have a thing or two to say against some senator or even for or against the current administration, although mostly against the current administration. Perhaps you may wonder if I may have just been talking to democrats. Most certainly not as I happen to deal with all kinds of people from all walks of life, from the simple minimum wage earners, a lot of senior citizens, to CEOs regardless of party affiliation or those in the center.

There is in fact hushed whispers on the administration’s current bet for the top position that this candidate at this early point of 2015, already has an enviable war chest, soothing to the tune of $2M. You can just imagine funds this person’s PAC can generate for the 2018 battle royal.

There is this idea that the current administration will have an upper hand, but experience has shown us that is not always the case, and in fact, the outcome of next year’s senatorial elections to my mind will also play a big part in seeing through the campaign support for the 2018 elections.

Of course, ultimately, the current party holding the top position may have a good chance to once again hold the reigns of power if and only, if my fellow Guamanians will be under or ill-informed on the numerous shortcomings, deficiencies, ineptitude, alleged scam(s) and corrupt practices of this current administration, then and only then I believe will the current administration’s bet be elected.

As usual, it is often asked if the Filipino community can deliver the substantial block votes and/or do the Filipinos have the numbers to make or break a candidate? To this question my answer is most certainly a big YES.

We in the senior citizens community will do our best to see to it that the younger generations will be well informed and will vote as intelligently as possible. We will see to it that the younger generations fully understand the implications of voting into office an official who is part of a notoriously alleged to be inept and graft ridden administration.

And YES, we will show to all that the Filipinos have the needed numbers that can make or break a candidate.


Guam must welcome a casino- Inasmuch as you may say that my timing to take up the casino issue is way off, given the forthcoming elections, I happen to believe otherwise, and I also happen to believe that the candidate(s) who take a firm stand on certain liberal issues, be it the LGBT, Casino etcetera, will have a better chance of having a good showing.

We are now seeing in the mainland that a lot of voters are sick and tired of candidates who are simply attuned to political correctness and the like. The success of the Trump phenomenon at this point has revealed the voter frustration on candidates who just say what is nice to hear. I believe that the voters are more appreciative now of candidates who can be downright candid and upfront no matter how bad things may sound, and I also happen to believe that the pro Casino Guamanians are a majority. It’s just that their voice was not heard during the past referendum.

If only these hypocrite moralists will get off their pedestals and realize that casino operations will greatly benefit Guam more so on the upgrading and delivery of social services. The irony of it is a lot of these moralists with a holier than thou attitude couldn’t care less whether their fellow kababayan gets 3 square meals or gets the needed competent medical service that a casino operations can greatly help with.

As far as I am concerned, a truly moral and spiritual person is one who puts the welfare and love of his fellowmen over and above a person’s imagined, out of touch moral standards.