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A BIG, BIG thanks to Senator Mike San Nicolas for bringing to the public the uncollected taxes. My Good God, the amounts have reached millions of dollars. While the head of the Department of Revenue and Taxation is Director John Camacho, we must understand that his boss is actually the Governor who happens to also be the Tax Commissioner. What are these uncollected taxes? These are in land/property taxes, personal income taxes, and corporate income taxes. As I understand it, the amount has already reached millions. The thing with these unpaid taxes is that, there is a prescription period. For example, when we talk of land/property taxes, the prescriptive period is 30 damn long years, meaning at any time within the 30-year period, the rev-tax guys can run after you. If you happen not to have kept a receipt or some other proof of payment then you’re done, you have to pay up, no ifs no buts. Can you imagine how STUPID this regulation can be? Tell me, who the f_&* keeps receipts for 30 years?

I understand that Sen. San Nicolas filed a bill to reduce the time period to a more reasonable one, 10 years at that, but the bill did not pass as it was vetoed by the good Governor and Tax Commissioner Calvo.

The thing with the personal income taxes and corporate taxes, the prescriptive period is just ten (10) years.

Now ask yourself, why the huge difference between land/property taxes at 30 years, and for income and corporate taxes at 10 years? I have been trying to figure this out, but somehow cannot think of a sensible reason for such. I can only speculate that most small land/property tax payers are conscientious tax payers and if you happen to be a senior citizen by then and even retired, the last thing you would want is to be hassled by your alleged back taxes. Of course since you no longer have kept the receipt, you will have no choice but to pay up.

As for some corporate/companies, well that’s where a lot of sleazing and wheel dealing can come in.

Imagine this scenario – if you happen to be chummy –chummy with the Tax Commissioner and you don’t pay taxes for the next ten (10) years, then you’re off the hook. Let me make it clear, I am not suggesting nor even implying that this is currently being done. Hell, I haven’t even seen the detailed records yet, as I said “imagine this scenario.” Or imagine another scenario, if you’re not chummy-chummy with the current Tax Commissioner, so you don’t pay your taxes for two (2) or four (4) years and you get to become chummy-chummy with the next Tax Commissioner, Bingo! Another 6 to 8 more years of non-payment and you’re off the hook. GREAT DEAL, NE!

The question now is, assuming mine is a sensible and valid question, has this scenario I have mentioned already happened? If it has, who were the lucky ones? Will the Director of Rev & Tax and/or the Tax Commissioner be transparent to identify the VERY LUCKY FEW COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS who have been blessed with such GREAT DEALS? If you ask me, no way will this information become public. The day this becomes public is the day it will snow in Guam.

So you small, no nonsense and no contacts Tax Payers, keep on paying your taxes and forget what you read in this column and forget that there is a Good Senator Mike San Nicolas who is bringing these things out in the open.



I heard from the grapevine that there will be forthcoming increases at the GMHA.

I am not referring to the earlier banner story of this paper. What I mean is this rate increases that will be around or over a thousand percent and will focus on cancer treatment.

Can you imagine this scenario, should it come to pass, can mean that a cancer patient would rather not seek treatment as the sky-high rates would kill him sooner than the cancer will.

And what are the implications on the health insurance providers? They will just certainly have to pass this rate increase to the insured or perhaps the GMHA will just be bumped off as a healthcare provider.

Wait a minute, why do I somehow smell something fishy in all this? What the f _*& is cooking???

I can only hope that after the public hearing that will be conducted, the Good Senators will thumb down this intended increases.


With the kind indulgence of my readers, just a brief personal note. When yours truly on the 2010 elections was caught on cam endorsing the Calvo-Tenorio team, it did not matter to me that they were Republicans as I was a Democrat then. I endorsed the Calvo-Tenorio on the humble belief that they were the better team. I endorsed the Calvo-Tenorio team with the hope and intent that when they come out, they can at least extend some employment assistance to some of our kababayans. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and a lot of Pinoy supporters were equally frustrated then.

However, one thing is crystal clear and that is, I endorsed unconditionally, without any expectation of any personal gain and/or benefit to yours truly.

Come 2014, the video showing me endorsing the Calvo-Tenorio team was rehashed and shown to make it appear that I have now turncoated (nag-balimbing na daw ako) as another video was shown that I was denouncing this time the Calvo-Tenorio tandem. But how could I not do so, having seen the dismal and highly questionable mediocre administration of the Calvo-Tenorio team and here comes the Gutierrez-Gumataotao team which certainly would have been better executives, as I am certainly being proven right at this point in time.

As far as I am concerned, Democrat-Republican, what matters is the person running. Party affiliation is secondary.

Now my question is, how many of you A-H_ _ _ licking, hypocrite, back stabbing kababayans (or imagined kababayans, kababayan only when convenient for you *&%$#@&+ ) of mine do not have the balls to show their true colors but would instead prefer to engage in gutter type character assassination mudslinging gossip? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are not one of them.


I truly pity my colleague and former Junction columnist Mr. Leo Macaraeg. Apparently, it appears that the bigwigs over at the Pangasinanse Bingo gave him an undeserved tongue lashing or kung sabihin sa tagalog ay sinabon si Leo (nagbanlaw ka na ba Leo???). According to Leo, he was called up by at least ten (10) members of the Pangasinanse Bingo and he was berated and even threatened. Of course, assuming that he was indeed berated or threatened or maybe he was threatened, let me say for the record that I could not see anything wrong with Leo’s column and I support and agree with it one-hundred and one percent (101%). Since when has asking sensible questions for and in behalf of my fellow seniors and for the public interest become a sin and/or become libelous?! Perhaps, what those misguided and misinformed persons should watch out and be careful is not to intimidate and threaten a bonafide member of a media organization. Let us all not forget our rights under the first amendment, and for as long we are working within the bounds of law, all I can say is God Bless America!